Mining for Ruby

Executive Producer/ UPM

Jack (Daniel Ponickly) is a widowed “end-of-the-roader” struggling with his continued depression as he falls for Ruby (Antoinette Kalaj), a passionate environmental engineering grad student who is embroiled in a poisonous waste controversy that threatens to shut down the biggest industry in her state.

Directed by Zoe Quist for Film Reel Alaska Mentoring Experience (FRAME) 2013. Starring Misha Barton, Billy Zane, Daniel Ponickly, Antoinette Kalaj, Carrie Baker. Executive Producers Maya Salganek and William St. Pierre.

Produced as a part of the Film Reel Alaska Mentoring Experience (FRAME) film training program with UAF students on set under Keys as mentors.  As an effort to grow and establish a competitive film industry for Alaska, FRAME developed to pair a public/private partnership between the University as a training facility and the film industry as producing partners.

Mining for Ruby is available through iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.