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I am dedicated to developing positive role models on film that reflect the diversity of our community. I nurture visually sovereign storytellers expressing themselves within their own communities, as well as to a wider audience.

Alaska Filmmakers Series: Season 2; Episode 2 Features Maya Salganek.
AKF Travels to the University of Alaska Fairbanks to speak with instructor Maya Salganek. Maya has been teaching in the UAF Theater and Film Department since 2001, and helped to develop the newly formed Film degree program at the university. The program is currently in its first year. © 2012 Tri-Seven Pictures

As a filmmaker, educator and creative producer, I have invested years as the founding director of the first B.A. in Film in Alaska developing a “workforce development training” program in the Arts, AV Technology and Communications career cluster for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Our training program  in the department of Theatre and Film is the first of its kind in Alaska, and is based on developing both creative and applied skills for filmmakers, writers, designers, actors, and technicians in a way that both generates a product, as well as an experiential learning environment. We focus on telling authentic stories, generated from our expressive histories that are representative of our own unique perspective and relationship to the world. As a filmmaker, instructor, and trained anthropologist, I understand that a diverse spectrum of expression is critical towards developing an accurate reflection of our society in the media.

My own research spans working with scientific documentary, television, independent narrative film, historical documentary, and corporate/educational training materials. I have developed partnerships across the United States and the Arctic, which allows my students to reach broader audiences with their work. My focus as a film producer is to promote work that reflects people, stories, places, and unique viewpoints specific to our community. Alaskan film is infused with the voices of history and cultural knowledge, and embedded in the geographic wonder of the abundant North. Alaska Film and Performing Arts students are encouraged to make films that are self-reflective of their communities and Alaska, including the diversity of language, cultural complexities, strong traditions of Northern peoples, and the wealth of the Alaskan landscape and those that choose to live within it. Through our Alaska Film and Performing Arts program, we have developed partnerships which serve to bridge the needs of today’s students with the future of digital storytelling.